Windel-Bendel is a company offering natural diapers for your infants who weight anywhere between 3.5 — 17 kg. These are boil-proof natural diapers that are made in Germany and guarantee the best quality and comfortable user experience both for you and your child.

Taking care of a tender, newborn baby or an infant child in general is a very delicate and demanding responsibility. As a new parent, you do all within your power to feed, wash, protect and preserve your little child. One of the most important aspects of caring for young ones is ensuring that their natural human needs are properly addressed and taken care of. This means that when your child pees you have to have good set of diapers to ensure that he/she is comfortable and will not be bothered. Of course, there is an abundance of diapers on the market, but absolute majority of them are made from artificial fiber and cause skin rash, discomfort and general unhappiness for your kid. In order to avoid this, you have to look into natural cloth diapers from Christine Bendel. Being a mother of two, Christine has an extensive knowledge of the needs and problems that come with raising children, especially at the early stages. Realizing that cotton cloth diapers were unfit to serve the needs of her children, she conceived an alternative way to design and manufacture diapers that would offer better absorbency, fit, easy handling and the ability to dry fast for multiple uses. That is how she came to develop Bendel Comfort Diapers that are made from natural materials and protect your child. If you are asking yourself why would you ever want to invest into this product, here are a couple of reasons on top of the ones that have been listed above. First of all, cloth diapers that can be used multiple times are much more cost-effective then cotton ones which allows families to save up to 600 Euros per year per child. Next, Bendel diapers are healthier for children because they do not contain chemicals. Last but not least, these cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and are easy to use. Moreover, the company holds free and nonbinding tours and demonstrations to all who wish to see their product in action, or learn about wrapping, diapers, breastfeeding, baby healthcare and many more. You, as a responsible parent, should be more then anyone else interested in this product that will offer protection for your child and happiness in your life. Dry child is a happy child as we all know it.


Windel-Bendel is a cloth diaper manufacturing and distribution company that is offering innovative cloth diapers for parents for their infant children as well as coaching sessions to teach tips on taking care of the young ones.

Company: Windel Christine Bendel
Contact Name: Christine Bendel
Address: Zum Schenkteich 31, 04683, Belgershain, Germany
Phone: (+49) 34347- 789 917
Email: [email protected]