Staying at a hotel certainly is comfortable only if it has all the required amenities within. People prefer to go to a hotel which is fully equipped with the latest facilities and something which makes them relax while they stay. Over the years this is something which comfort inn hotel in the Fort Collins area has been doing. The hotel had been getting small updates here and there and had been a great place to stay at. Being there and maintaining the same ambiance over the years may have been a bit boring for many. The good news is that the hotel has gone through a renovation and the look of the hotel has changed completely. The cost of the renovation has been $450,000 which has given a new look to the hotel altogether.

The present updates and upgrades have given an entire new looked to the hotel which has completely transformed the inn. People visiting this place after a long time might find a complete makeover which has made it look much better than before. The upgrades include addition of various facilities besides refinement of the already offered services. The manager and operator Dariusz Czyszczon has announced that the renovation at the inn would give out of stiff competition to the other hotels in the region as well.

To mention some of the features which comes to the hotel include complete renovated hotel, all new carpeting, suites have been enhanced, new bathroom counter tops, inclusion of new beds with premium bedding, flat screen television with HD programming provided by dish network, etc. The comfort inn hotel in Fort Collins is definitely got a fresh new look to give the best comfort to the visitors. The place can be used for all events which include government meetings , weddings , corporate meetings , business presentations , basketball tournaments , Colorado science and engineering fair etc. It can also be a great place for the leisure holidays and has a hospital nearby as well. It can also be a stop to halt for the college road trips, CSU, university school visits, and more.

People may also check out their website and get in touch with them before planning to stay there. They can be contacted through their website, email or a phone number. So with a whole new experience awaits for the people planning to live in the Fort Collins region. The new work at the place is sure to attract its visitors and make sure they come back again and again.

About Comfort Inn Hotel in Fort Collins

Comfort inn hotel in Fort Collins is a nice location off the interstate 25 which is just a few minutes away from the Colorado State University. It offers its space to the travelers for both business and leisure purpose. The facilities at the hotel have been revamped and given a completely new feel to attract more and more visitors.

Comfort Inn hotel in Fort Collins
601 sw frontage rd
Fort Collins co 80524