concealed sudden huge profit. The difference between the wholesale price of cell phone accessories and the price of terminal retail could spread up to 20 times which the profit is far more than the mobile phone! The reporter of Chengdu Business Daily has visited the wholesale market, supermarkets, stores and Apple Authorized shop yesterday to unveil the profits chain of the mobile phone accessories.

For the cell phone cases and mobile phone film which has been known as "the original apple", the official of Apple said that only the one iphone case Wholesale is the production of Apple, as the mobile phone film, the company had not produced it..

Yesterday noon, the hot sun baked the pavement, we could see the small vendors whose job is pack film and add the cell phone cases down the street from time to time. The reporter was able to find out many slogan, which the content is "20 RMB for Apple phone cases price". When reporters of Chengdu Chinese Commercial News passed through a vendor, all sorts of film and various kinds of mobile phone cases were dazzling the reporter's eyes.

The boss of the vendor was strongly recommended to the reporters one kind of cell phone case which was decorated with cartoon images of hand-painted relief. The price was at 45 RMB. The price of similar cell phone case with the hand-painted relief, which the reporters had seen on other streets, was as high as 118 RMB. In the Apple phone shops, the worth of the same cell phone cases are doubled. The salesman who was selling the cell phone cases with the hand-painted relief told the reporters:" This sell 298 RMB."

Just like the cell phone cases, the price of mobile phone film is "triple jumping". The price of the cell phone film of the roadside small trafficking is between 10-50 RMB. The price of a mobile phone film in the chain stores is from 15 to 120 RMB. The price at Apple authorized stores where the lowest price is also 128 RMB and the highest is 268 RMB.

On the Apple official website, the reporter saw more than 60 species of various models of mobile phone cases. The price is ranges from 198 to 328 RMB. The only one kind of phone film was priced at 98 RMB. If you want to buy the original apple phone cases or other cheap cell phone cases with high quality, you could search the website The comeparts phone cases is willing to provide you with the best mobile phone accessories.

Reporters of Chengdu  comeparts  Business Daily have also visited a cell phone accessories wholesale market. The reporter was posed as a purchase business and entered into a wholesale store. The salesman of the store walked up to introduce plastic mobile phone cases.

The salesman  iphone repair parts  said that the typical cell phone case sell 2 RMB and the cheaper soft case which were made of silicone is cost more than $ 1 point. For the hand-painted relief which was regarded as the apple cell phone case, the salesman said that this phone shell more expensive, selling $ 15."This is Apple authorized production." she pointed to the words "forgery" which was printed on a cell phone case package.

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