Questions exist that the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper and other media may be putting profit ahead of helping citizens trying to help homeless families

Colorado Springs citizens are working selfless hours to help curb and/or cure the problem of homelessness in the area.   However, it appears that the Colorado Springs Gazette offered little help recently to get the word out perhaps because there is no profit in it.

Colorado Springs has organizations helping homeless families.  One with significant impact in the area is called Family Promise of Colorado Springs. Family Promise has a large network of individuals, churches, and others who help with the homeless problem.  Lodging is provided with three daily meals. There are case managers for homeless families that see them through a program of housing, education, food, and getting them back on their feet financially.   Most of the program, if not all,  is entirely ran and funded by charitable contributions, fund raising,  and extensive volunteer work.

However, the Colorado Springs Gazette, a major newspaper in the area, offered a tiny spot to Family Promise in their online arts-entertainment section. The micro ad is for a music and comedy benefit, occurring August 6, 2016, to help the organization raise funds and awareness.  While free, all spots appear to be free to events in Colorado Springs.

In an unexplainable move, the Gazette did not willingly write a story about the event in the paper to raise awareness.  The article would cost little to publish since that’s what they already do, yet it could have significant, positive impact for the area.  Unless someone is purposely looking online in the Gazette category for the event, they won’t likely find it.

It is not known if another major newspaper in the area, the Colorado Springs Independent, is helping raise awareness.  It is also unknown if local radio and television stations are helping raise awareness.

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