Berlin, Germany (16 September 2016) Adriana J. Gómez, a native of Colombia, is not an ordinary guitarist; she is a highly trained classical guitarist that has studied under some of the finest teachers and mentors in Colombia, Germany, and the United States. She is now proud to present classical guitar lessons via YouTube videos that will cover her special style, her techniques, the technical aspects of classical guitar, questions and answers with Adriana, and much more.

“For me, classical guitar is not just about playing an instrument. This is an art form that is very unique and multi-dimensional and reflective of the cultures the player has been immersed in. I am extremely excited to share my art with the world and hope it is well received. If just one person gains a newfound interest or learns classical guitar from my videos, I will feel very successful,” says Adriana.

Adriana has been playing classical guitar in her native Colombia since she was seven years old. Her love of classical guitar even turned into a prestigious Colfuturo scholarship and an invitation to participate in the DAAD- German Academic Exchange Service. She has also been invited to participate in master classes with Leo Brouwer, the famous Cuban composer and director.

Adriana says, “There have been many influences over my classical guitar playing throughout the years that have helped me learn and take my playing classical guitar to a whole new level. I attribute Franz Halasz and Takeo Sato as being two of the most influential people that have helped me evolve into the player I am today.”

One of Adriana’s other major accomplishments has been participating in a concert with the world-famous Arturro Parra. Parra is considered one of the greatest Colombian classical guitarists of his generation and Adriana hopes to follow in his footsteps with a flavor of her own.

“If you truly want to learn the secrets of how to play classical guitar from someone who has been doing it for most of their life, come and subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my videos,” says Adriana.

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