The pro version of Collabion helps business users process huge amounts of data quickly, extracting valuable trends and insights, displaying them in the form of interactive charts to help decision makers make the right choices in the boardroom.

Collabion, a market leader among SharePoint charting solutions, has recently launched their latest version,, which offers out of the box support for SharePoint 2016 and includes an advanced and interactive charting module.The features packed into the subscription based pro version of this tool have beenespecially designed to make the lives of professionals dealing with data visualization easier and save time, too. The major features available in this version include the following.

Data grouping is one of the most efficient ways of extracting trends and patterns from mountinas of data. Collabion supports data grouping with all widely used aggregate functions, such as SUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN, and AVERAGE. Once data has been grouped, it can be directly used to build charts or update charts that have already been created, thereby speeding up overall data visualization.

A drill-down chart created with the pro version of Collabion allows users to dive more than one level into source data, extracting and displaying useful information based on certain criteria. For instance, after seeing a chart with production rates between different divisions and subdivisions of an organization, the top level management might want to know how much a particular subdivision in a particular city has produced over a specific time period. With multi-level drill down, a user can display this data simply by clicking on specific points in the chart a few times.

Data filtering is one of the essential methods for extracting useful information from data sources. For this reason, pro version of Collabion supports the use of dynamic filters, which let users display specific data on the charts even after they have been created, by running filters on data sources and updating the charts on the fly. The version also lets users connect charts with SharePoint Filter web parts, allowing them to take advantage of the powerful native filtering options available on the add-on.

Fetching the first ‘n’ number of records might turn out to be useful in some situations. The top ‘n’ records feature allows users to fetch either the first ‘n’ number of records, or the first ‘n’ percent of the same, with just a few clicks.

The latest version of Collabion lets users export charts they create in the form of image files like JPG and PNG, PowerPoint presentation (.pptx), Microsoft Excel workbooks (.xlsx), and the ubiquitous PDF. Users also have the option of printing the charts directly through Collabion, making it possible to quickly make hard copies of charts for attendees before a meeting.

All in all, the pro version of Collabion focuses on speeding up data visualization and takes a lot of hassle out of the tasks of business executives and data analyzers.

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