Ohio — Over a larger part of the last century, Yoga has held sway over those who desire a healthy, flexible body and an agile mind. Different physical trainers have adapted it to match their own styles and yet only few have managed to enhance its techniques for amazing results. Colette Barry is one such specialist who was able to maximize the effectiveness of yoga by using one special equipment.

In collaboration with her husband who is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Colette Barry, with more than 30 years experience as a licensed massage therapist under her belt, developed one of the obscure form of yoga, which is ‘Wall Yoga’. She was able to conceptualize yoga programs that are more effective, efficient and result-oriented than traditional yoga. Wall Yoga uses a wall for centering and isometric conditioning, in combination with different yoga poses. Specifically, the energy flow that one develops through Wall Yoga, will lead to a slimmer body, toned muscles and increased mobility in a matter of a few Yoga Classes

Yoga naturally heals the body but with Wall Yoga this process of healing are much faster. It allows you to achieve a toned and flexible body, devoid of aches and pains in a fraction of the time. The science behind this rests within the two foundations (wall and floor), which create opposing forces, thus egging the body to react faster, get lean faster and respond faster. Each session aim to trigger different sets of muscles through unique poses made safe and possible through this method, thus leading to amazing results.

Colette Barry also offers online yoga classes , for those who aren't in the vicinity. She currently held online classes via Udemy courses and through her own YouTube channel. You can also check out Yoga Trends website for upcoming events and free online classes.

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Yoga Classes with Colette Barry are packed with over two decades of experience in rehabilitation & fitness and the certified expertise of an adept in Thai Yoga therapy, Pilates and Yoga. She is an author, illustrator and certified Yoga therapist.

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