Melbourne, Australia - Coldflow is an award-winning, family-run business. Based in Springvale, the company specialises in residential and commercial air conditioning installation.

With 50+ years of experience, Coldflow is also one of Australia's largest solution providers. They are an industry-recognised supplier of heating and cooling solutions. Coldflow is a premier distributor of leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Coolair.

What makes Coldflow different from the rest?

Many Australians choose Coldflow because of their unparalleled dedication. Customer service is at the heart of what they offer, as is providing the best prices for the products they sell.

Coldflow's range only consists of superior HVAC products. By sticking to the best brands in the industry, Coldflow can offer the best value for money. The firm works with their clients to only offer the best products for their needs. Their mission is to provide total customer satisfaction in their industry.

Because of those facts, they are also one of the most awarded air conditioning firms in the industry! Find out more on their website at

Residential Products

Coldflow is a popular supplier and installer of air conditioning products to residential customers.

One of the most requested products they install in homes is "split systems." This is where the fan and controls get fitted in rooms, and the business end of the system gets fitted outside. The benefits of split systems are that more than one room can get cooled from the same external unit.

Coldflow can also install ducted refrigerated systems. In layman's terms, this allows for a more bespoke installation in a home. The system can work in tandem with existing ducting. This is useful if one wishes to use the same ducting for both cooling and heating.

Commercial Products

Coldflow can quote and install a range of cooling products suitable for commercial use. The company often gets tasked with installing air conditioning for a variety of buildings. Examples include apartment blocks, schools, offices, and factories.

They have many years of experience dealing with both small and large-scale projects. That makes Coldflow the perfect candidate for all commercial installations.

Coldflow: perfect partners in the building sector

Of course, it's not just existing homes and commercial buildings that they work with. Coldflow is also the ideal choice when it comes to new-build projects. From residential homes to large-scale building projects, the firm has the necessary expertise.

Coldflow has worked on over 150,000 new installations and counting! The project process is both streamlined and straightforward:

1.    Coldflow assess your plans and have their engineers review them;
2.    A convenient date gets booked, and the work is then carried out;
3.    Upon completion, Coldflow's renown aftercare service begins.

About Coldflow

Coldflow is Australia's largest supplier and installer of air conditioning products. Serving both homes and businesses, Coldflow has more than 50 years of industry experience.
For more information, contact:

212 Springvale Road

Telephone: 1300 880 688

Email: [email protected]