17, March 2015: CoinDaddy has launched a number of free services together with some paid services offered at extremely low prices. The premium crypto 2.0 company’s main objective is to serve its loyal customer base with the best services available through the current blockchain technologies.

It is true that people in the present era are extremely enthusiastic on the revolutionary developments made in the tech field. Especially the young population shows an ardent interest in getting familiar with cutting edge gadgets and advanced technologies that have the ability to make ones life easier. The dedicated CoinDaddy team strives to make crypto 2.0 technology, Bitcoin and blockchain technology familiar to the general public and help them reap the best out of this innovative technology.

Offeringit’s members an array of free services, CoinDaddy lends a helping hand to all individuals, companies and families to get to know the benefits and reap optimal advantages through virtual assets. Among the free services CoinDaddy offers to its loyal members, access to the counterparty open source platform for asset management and access to blockchain viewers (counterpartychain.io and dogepartychain.io) comes on top. These blockchain viewers allow users to see information on assets, visualize the flow of assets between two parties,view enhanced asset and broadcast information, and offer robust set of 100% free APIs that allows developers to use these assets directly in their applications. Apart from these free services, CoinDaddy also provides the Asset and Broadcast Who is tools, which offers users extensive information on a specific asset or broadcast they are interested in.

For users who want to get started using assets, this leading crypto 2.0 website introduces 4 paid services, which cost a mere $5 per service. The unbelievably low prices are set to attract more members to these value added services, namely, Asset Registration, Asset Transfer/Escrow, Asset Enhancement and Broadcast Enhancement. Asset Registration service allows users to register an asset whileAsset Transfer/Escrow acts as an intermediary platform during transactions between two users. The Asset Enhancement and Broadcast Enhance services allow the users to associate extended information with their asset or broadcast. The paid services not only improve the usability of ones assets but also offer complete control over them.

Visit CoinDaddy crypto 2.0 official website at, www.coindaddy.io to get to know more details on their services and to be a member of this exclusive community.

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