It has been reported that heavy preparations are underway among some of the nation’s best teams all across the world, as the world teams are all eyeing for the Rio 2016. With just a year away for the big battle, all teams have gathered up their best to keep ready for what comes the next year.

The Rugby 7s Coaching has attained a whole new level of importance as all are determined to get the best out of it. The ur7s web site has posted all details concerning the Yamacia Rugby Sevens team as they make preparations to head into the Fiji Bitter Marist 7s in the coming week. Much anticipation is seen among the team players as well as the supporters as the team shall be heading without Semi Kunatani, their star player.

Much attention has been drawn to Semi Kunatani after giving out an outstanding performance in the Las Vegas and Wellington matches in the last two legs. Reports as per the close sources have revealed that the absence of Kunatani is owing to the national sevens coach Ben Ryan as well as the Yanacia coach Dakuitoga who wanted the priced player to rest as a result of some niggling injuries sustained during the recent matches.

A recent interview has revealed that inspite of the latest arrangements, coach Dakuitoga is still confident to win the match, as there will be more young players to replace the team’s top player. The coach publicly showed support over fellow coach Ryan’s decision. Insiders have revealed that the team’s star player to made to rest in anticipation for the HSBC Hong Kong 7s. The coach further added the that “Y” symbol shown by Kunatani following each try score stands for the “Yalotabu” which means acknowledging the “Holy Spirit”. The coach supports the player’s spirituality. For more information please go to

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