26 December, 2013: Over the years, leading industry analysts have indicated that could computing has recorded a steep rise. In addition, growth is further expected to rise much higher in the foreseeable years. The modern business system relies heavily on distributed computing and viral storage. This is just to name a few form the many. As a matter of fact, all businesses maintains its real office in the computer — in other words known as the virtual office. 

The visible increase on the reliance on the virtual office or the computer was seen in the years 2009 and 2010. The economy predicts that this trend is visibly headed in one direction, which is the upward direction. In other words, it is bound to increase much higher in the coming decade. Many enterprises that keep separate budgets for cloud computing throughout the year 2013 has seen positive signs that its spending will increase as the world steps into another year — 2014. It is estimated that within three or four years half of the global companies will make use of cloud storage services in the everyday office operations. 

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