is an online baby and toddler clothing subscription company based in Spring Lake, Michigan which is proving to be a big helping hand to new parents all over the country. For just $65.99 a month, parents can take care of all of their kids’ clothing needs, and not have to worry about what to do with stained, damaged or outgrown clothes.

Upon registration, members complete a short survey to explain their style and preference of clothing for their kids. They will then receive a combination of clothes (including pajamas and playwear) every month. Members are allowed to exchange their kids’ clothing at any time for more clothes at no extra charge. There is no extra charge for stained or damaged clothes sent.

“Buying baby and toddler clothes can be very expensive as children grow rapidly and outgrow their clothes often, leaving parents with a clutter of outgrown clothes”, explains Ashley Kitada, co-owner of, “Our system allows parents to have an unlimited amount of super cute outfits for their kids without spending a ton of money, and without the clutter”.

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CONTACT: John & Ashley
ADDRESS: 16935 W. Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, MI 49456
E-MAIL:  [email protected]