ClothesMake’s unique customization system allows men to design their own clothes. From the choice of fabric to the number of buttons and pockets that their suit should have, men are free to design custom shirts that suit their aesthetic sense.

Personalized clothes are one of the latest men’s fashion trends. ClothesMake personalization shirts are offered at reasonable prices to let everyone wear a unique garment that matches their taste and budget. Since they don’t have any excessive store overhead or retail mark-up, they’re able to pass these savings to their customers.

Custom clothes allow individuals to express their creativity and true self. These garments can also be used as marketing tools. People will see someone wearing the clothes and remember the company easily. For those who want to stand out and wear their own designs, ClothesMake’s professional customization tool will let them do just that. Every single detail of their garment can be customized, from the fabric lining to the pockets and collars. CM’s experienced tailors are accurate in everything they do to ensure that their creation is unique and meets their client’s needs. Every design is tailored according to the customer’s measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

CM also provides an easy to understand video as well as different measurement methods to help interested individuals take their measurements accurately. They can input the regular US size that they normally wear or their height and weight and CM will automatically compute their body measurement range. Those with a normal BMI can have their garment customized based on the US standard size. CM recommends doing some adjustments if some parts of their body are special.

Customers can also take their own measurements using the guidance video provided to them. CM’s measurement tutorial video makes it convenient for customers to take measurements wherever they are and whenever they want. They only need a tape and someone trustworthy and within ten minutes, they can gather the data they need. CM will validate the correctness and coherence of the data to verify the accuracy of details and sizes.

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