Cambridge, UK; 14, July 2016:Clinked, the online file sharing, team collaboration and client portal in the cloud, has launched their new website this month. Clinked CEO Tayfun Bilsel believes that the new website will put the visitors in charge, creating a more interactive and positive experience for them across every device.


Whilst developing the new website, Bilsel focused primarily on the visitors and improving their experience as they explore the website:“We wanted to better engage users and improve the overall experience of our website. We learnt a lot from our previous websites and having tried and tested different design layouts and elements we know what works and we applied this learning to our new website.”

Now the new website has been launched, there are a number of reasons why Bilsel prefers it over its predecessor:“The new homepage guides visitors through the website. When scrolling down the [home] page, you see what the product is and does, explaining different features and benefits.”

“We will now be offering free guides and e-books in our new website. The first one is already available: “Brand Your Business Like A Pro”. We want to share our findings, knowledge and tips with our visitors.”

“The new website offers clean and simple design which puts the visitors in charge. Visitors take [an] active role in their interaction and this [will] make them more positive and open for message.”

Clinked’s new website is live now. To take a look, visit:

About Clinked:

Rabbitsoft Ltd. (T/A Clinked) is a software engineering and development company based in Cambridge, UK. Its mission is to empower and connect millions of businesses and teams to share knowledge, get them organised and transform them into social businesses in the cloud.

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