(Free Press Release) Bangalore-based ClearConcepts has volunteered to set up Moodle online platform for providing education to underprivileged children by teaming up with Sujaya Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO. ClearConcepts is a Bangalore-based Education Services organization, which provides live and interactive online coaching for IIT, AIEEE and BITSAT entrance preparations.

“We regularly use online systems for our classes. Our students love the fact that they can learn from the comfort of home. At the same time, we, as teachers, are convinced that through the use of audio-visual elements available in online platform, we can teach more effectively and students also learn better. When we learnt about Sujaya‘s work, we thought that the school children will also enjoy learning topics like English and Math if they are explained using audio files, videos and quizzes. We are glad to see that Sujaya Foundation is very effectively using the Moodle online platform which we have set up for them”, said Sanjay Mansabdar, Chief Executive Officer at ClearConcepts Education Services.

Sujaya Foundation works with underprivileged children from Municipal Schools and State Funded Private Schools and has three of their own centers. The online programme for English teaching runs in 3 places for students from Class V to VII. Currently more than 60 students are undergoing this programme. There are plans to expand this to all schools and centers in the near future.

Sujaya Foundation has found that with the use of Moodle online platform, it has become easy to organise and build the teaching material. The teachers are also able to very easily use all types of material such as audio, quizzes and tests through a single platform to help the students learn better and faster.

Apart from the setup of Moodle online platform, Sujaya Foundation and ClearConcepts are also working together for The Experiential Learning programme. Under this program, ClearConcepts provides some curriculum creation work to Sujaya Foundation. The Experiential Learning Programme provides differently abled youth an opportunity to become financially independent.

Appreciating ClearConcepts‘ involvement and expressing her gratitude towards ClearConcepts, Huzan Mistry, volunteer at Sujaya Foundation said "Sujaya Foundation would like to thank ClearConcepts for spending time teaching our team - Moodle with its various functionalities and for always being available for a queries and endless questions”.

Huzan is a career banker, with ten years of work experience with JPMorgan and now volunteers with Sujaya Foundation. Huzan assists in the areas of overall administration and content creation for Sujaya Foundation.

ClearConcepts is run by Sanjay and Deepak, both IIT graduates, who are passionate about education and believe in its ability to make a very significant difference to a student‘s life.

About ClearConcepts Knowledge Services

ClearConcepts Knowledge Services is an Education Services company focused on providing very high quality training for IIT JEE/ AIEEE entrance exams. It is run by IIT graduates who are passionate about education and believe in its ability to make a very significant difference to a student‘s life. ClearConcepts focuses on translating conceptual clarity to applied knowledge through its revolutionary, live and interactive online classes the only classes of its type in India.
Three things differentiate ClearConcepts from hundreds of other coaching institutes: very high quality of education, extreme convenience for students and meaningful data-driven approach to progress tracking.

ClearConcepts classes are live and not pre-recorded. The classes are conducted by ClearConcepts‘ one of the very experienced faculty members in real-time. Thus, students get to interact with their teachers and clarify their doubts during the class.

For more information, visit www.clear-concepts.in.

About Sujaya Foundation

Sujaya Foundation, established in 2002, is registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act, 1950. The aim of the Foundation is to provide education to the under-privileged by incorporating the best pedagogical practices at an Elementary as well as an Advanced Level. The Foundation attempts to bridge the gap for its students between education and employment.

In India, English is the language of jobs and a secure future. However millions of young people are deprived of this due to lack of access to quality language skills in English. This automatically limits their opportunities in the labour market besides rendering them socially diffident and excluded.

One of the objectives of Sujaya is to actively intervene through formal and non-formal educational activities to not only significantly improve the linguistic competence of bright, hardworking students, but also open up their future. Otherwise they are trapped in an education system which does not teach English with a view to develop oral skills.

The foundation is also committed to try to helping them secure a job.

For more information, visit http://www.sujayafoundation.org.

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