Xi'an City, China; 15, October 2015: Besides supplying high quality cast iron bars, Cironbar provides many types of services, such as sawing, turning, milling, peeling, as well as custom cast services and CNC machining treatments. The custom services for pre-machined products are focused on maintaining the precise design elements of a production need. According to the company spokesperson, with their best products and custom services, they aim at providing one-stop solutions to all industrial clients across the world.

With their rich experience of 20 years in the cast iron bar industry, Cironbar focuses their cast iron bars that precisely meet the client specification, irrespective of the size and properties of the bars. Their custom cast services aim at casting the irregular parts of a bar so that it can best fit with other components. This dramatically reduces an industry’s labor and machining costs and also improves the production cycle.

The spokesperson reveals that many industrial clients have welcomed their custom services like CNC machining that helps reduce the sourcing time and also improves the quality of a metal product at the same time. A custom CNC machining treatment can bring a good processing performance and can prove very important to maintain the cost reduction. This also results in a uniform and compact structure that brings a desired level of robustness.

According to the spokesperson, industries can now take advantage of their custom services and can get all the advantages of cast iron bars. According to him, compared to steel bars, iron bars have many advantages and are more suitable for a variety of industrial applications. With an easy cutting, iron bars could have a faster production speed and can be suitable for different precision parts machining. Cironbar produces cast iron bars that have no shrinkage and have negligible casting defects. One can learn more about their iron bars and the custom machining services they offer by visiting their website www.cironbar.com.

About Shaanxi Huaan Continuous Casting Co., Ltd:

Cironbar was founded in 1994, the earliest factory of cast iron bars and the drafting unit of China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T 10854-2008 (Horizontal Continuous Casting Iron Bars).ISO9001 certified since 2002, The company has the expertise and a team of engineers who are well trained in design and quality control capability of continuous cast iron bar for more than 20 years. Cironbar focuses on innovation and the technology has made them the premier continuous casting producer in China.

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