26 April, 2014: The church in sierra vista az is a believer’s church and has been one of the leading proponents in the centrality of the word of God. The church has been lauded among the Christian community for its strong stand in God’s Word and not getting swayed by the ideology simply to believe. Believer’s here have been encouraged to demonstrate as a lifestyle more than simply an ideology of belief.

A close track record of the progress of the churches have clearly indicated that many are sadly swayed away from the Word towards other distractions. Doctrines in many churches are sadly misinterpreted, making for a wrong understanding of the Lord and the belief there in. In this sea of confusion, the church in sierra vista az has been a breath of fresh air to many believers for it taught from the bible.

The church in sierra vista az is also popular around the world for its great fellowship and ministry opportunities that have been offered to its congregation. The local church preachings are based solely on one’s personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. The churches encourage the pursuance of a personal relationship with the Lord and helps the congregation find that relationship. There is no hard and fast rule that these churches lay for its believers. So far, there has been no record that indicates of the exclusion of any member because he or she does not agree on certain fine points of the doctrine.

All teachings and doctrines are drawn solely from the bible. There is nothing more added to it nor is there anything eliminated from it. Christian believers all over the world have lauded not only the bible centered teachings of the church but also the new technological innovations that are added to make the teachings more effective. For more information please go to http://newhopesv.com/

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This is a website for the church that stresses on the word of God to draw its authority and teachings. The church is popular for its welcome invitation to all with open arms.