SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar is gearing up for another exciting track in its coming episodes. Kapi (Saaransh Verma) is finding it difficult to support the family with his income, which is also a point of contention with Chuhiya (Trishikha Tripathi).

So, Chuhiya along with Markati (Aarti Khandpal), decide to support their husbands and contribute to the family income by finding work.

They visit a Gulf airline company for the job of an air-hostess and both get selected. But, to go further, they are told to pay an amount of one lakh rupees that will take them to the Gulf country and help settle in. They pay the amount and board the boat that will supposedly take them to the “Gulf country.”

It is when they’re dropped off at Madh Island that they realize they have been duped.

Trishikha Tripathi, who plays Chuhiya in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar, says, “Markati and Chuhiya wish to shoulder the burden with their husbands by getting a job and earning money for the family. They get selected to become air-hostesses but they are told to pay Rs.1.5 lakhs for it. When they find themselves in the Film City in Mumbai instead of a Gulf country, they realize that they have been swindled. What happen next is sure to entertain the audiences!”

What next will Chuhiya and Markati do? How will they get out of this mess? And will they catch the fraudsters red-handed?


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