Christmas Quotes from Sony SAB actors


Priyamvada Kant as Sharda from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-


I have just got back from a holiday so I haven’t planned any for Christmas yet, but I will be definitely do something as I love celebrating all festivals. My fondest memory of Christmas was as a child I use to hang a sock outside my door. My parents would keep so many gifts in it the next morning and my morning would be happy with so many surprises. I love surprises, whatever my secret santa gives me will be appreciated. I wish my fans a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Have lots of fun! Party hard, try doing something nice for someone, try be someone’s santa and bring happiness in their life.


Vanshika Sharma as Sam from Sony SAB’s Aadat Se Majboor-


I plan to be home with my Santa of my life; my parents. I have been to a convent school, so Christmas has always been pretty big for us. I have some fond memories of Christmas celebrations with my friends and teachers at school which lightens my day.  I am really not expecting any gift from my secret santa. The one thing I wish from santa is only happiness and smiles around me .I wish all my fans a colorful and wonderful Christmas.


Vipul Roy as Aditya from Sony SAB’s Partners Trouble Ho Gayi Double-


This year’s Christmas will be special as my family will be coming down to Mumbai to celebrate Christmas with me, that too after ages. Like every year we are going on the streets and become a secret santa for those who couldn’t afford to celebrate Christmas. Christmas was very special to me during my childhood, especially once when my grandpa become a santa and gifted me and my sister a casio. As we grow our desire for gifts also changes. I am looking forward a house to stay as a gift from my santa. Let all of us become a santa for a day for the people who can’t afford to celebrate Christmas.


Krishna Bharadwaj as Tenali in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-


This year there is no Christmas plan as I am shooting. The fondest memory of the festival is when I use to go for the mid-night mass at the only church in Barreilly. The biggest gift which santa can give me is when my show Tenali Rama will be top. I wish my fans Merry Christmas and may santa fulfill all their wishes.