25, May 2016: If you think going out for a ride is a trouble thing, you may make a wrong choice for your transporting means. With the most befitting transporting vehicle, your riding experience can be an enjoyment, not a disappointed thing. Here we gather some gadgets from Airwheel and recommend them to each of you according to different demands.

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Unrestrained battery capacity: Airwheel Z3 and Z5

Most of the time, the endurance is the decisive factor for people about accepting to choose an electric scooter. People’s daily commuting is not limited on the short-distance trips. In this case, Airwheel Z3 or Z5 electric standing hoverboard is irreplaceable for the endurance. It is not an overstatement to say that Z3 or Z5 has the unrestrained battery capacity. Because the battery packs are replaceable and changeable, riders can take out the battery which runs out of power and then reinstall another battery with full power. The two steps only takes few seconds.


Dual modes of either standing or sitting posture: Airwheel S6 and S8

Commercially available electric self-balancing scooters are almost single posture mode. Airwheel S6 and the new arrival S8 sitting-posture self-balancing scooter are the thingamabobs that riders can shaft between the standing and sitting mode. Your riding posture may depends on the road conditions or distance of your trip. Of course you can switch freely.


Dexterous cross-country hike: Airwheel X8

If you are fed up with the riding in the flat urban roads, suburban riding seems nice. At this time, we introduce Airwheel X8 electric drift hoverboard to you. 16-inch wheels can conquer the sloping road, sandy road or grass road. Plus the single wheel scooter looks like more flexible. Airwheel X8 is the top priority for trying parkour or other extreme sports.


Ok, that’s all the recommendations for you and hope it helps for your selection.

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