There are a lot of people who go riding in various settings and they prefer taking their own bikes. Depending on the means of transportation, you can find a wide variety of products for your bike. For example, if you travel by car, you need a bike Thule to properly attach and carry on the bike around. On the other hand, if you are flying to a certain destination and you want to take the bike along, then a bike box is more recommended. One good example being Buxum Tourmalet.

Going biking is indeed a pleasure and some people prefer relaxed cruising, while others extreme mountain trails. There are many places that make biking possible and if you are a true enthusiast, you should not hesitate in making the most out of your trip. The bike Thule is designed especially for riders who want to be able to take their bikes wherever they go. An active and healthy lifestyle is encouraged more when there are possibilities of carrying on bikes and not leaving them behind when going on a trip.

Bike racks come in many different forms, according to where bikes are mounted, if on top of the car, on the rear, tow bar mounted racks and such. No matter the type of car owned, there is a specific bike Thule that makes it possible to safely transport bikes, without causing any damages to the vehicle. Considering there are several types of racks, it is best going through all of them and choosing one that fits your needs, lifestyle, vehicle and bike. Also, the destination you have in mind is also important and how many bikes should be transported. Once you purchase the right one, you can use it at any point having the certainty and freedom of using your bike.

Those who travel by plane, train, bus and even car, without the desire of mounting the bike, can choose alternative products that can easily fit along other luggage. For example, Buxum Tourmalet is a tough bike box manufactured from aluminium, quite easy to pack and assuring peace of mind whenever you have to schedule a flight. At first glance, you might not even say the Buxum Tourmalet is a bike box, being quite exquisite and designed in a detailed manner. Fittings are of stainless steel and the box has satin finish. You can easily place most road bikes inside, although the box on its own tends to be a little heavy.

To pack the bike inside the Buxum Tourmalet is not a hard task, considering the lid and the base are separable. Dismounting the bike is required, removing the pedals and wheels, seat post and the handlebar as well. The wheels have separate bags in which they are positioned, so they don't get damaged while in contact with the rest of the bike. It is always good news when there are so many possibilities of transporting bikes, no matter your travelling options. Bike passionate and riders can benefit from amazing products available on the market that will facilitate the transportation part.


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