When it comes to premium furniture, there are very few options as good as Ekornes Stressless! One of the most important companies in this market, the experts from Ekornes provide products with personality and style at prices without compromize. For maximum relaxation and comfort, the Stressless Mayfair recliner turns out to be a great choice. At a convenient cost, this Stressless recliner costs little, is shipped fast and is guaranteed to last for years and years to come!

Let’s be honest: we all love to be surrounded by beautiful and functional furniture pieces. Basically, what we are looking for is high aesthetics and comfort all in one….and, if possible, convenient prices. The good news is that with the new line of Ekornes Stressless we benefit from all these and many other perks! Much more than a piece of furniture, any product manufactured by the experts from Ekorness Stressless aims to combine the most comfortable materials with ergonomic structures, thus guaranteeing an extraordinary experience at any moment!

Take, for example, one of their most popular products: the amazing Stressless Mayfair recliner! Designed to offer maximum relaxation and comfort, the spectacular Stressless Mayfair recliner is rated 5 stars by specialist reviewers and clients alike. It seems that the main features of this recliner have made them say: worth every penny!

What is so amazing about the Stressless Mayfair recliner? Well, according to the manufacturers from Ekornes Stressless its perfection resides in the great materials, in the innovation of the design and in the impeccable finishes. Available in a rich variety of colors, the Stressless Mayfair recliner will perfectly match any interior and any room.

In addition to the unique features of this 5 star recliner, there are other important benefits to consider. As it seems, the specialists from Ekornes Stressless put a high value on customer care. In other words, it’s not only the superb manufacturing shown by the high qualityproducts offered, but also by their impeccable logistics.

In simple words, it means that you will enjoy not only the best products, but you will receive them in the shortest time possible and without any extra costs. So, in addition to benefitting from their current discounts, you get to save some money with shipping as well. Not to mention that all the deliveries will be managed by experienced companies!

As it turns out, you have all the right reasons to go for the Norwegian traditions: you have all the reasons to choose their products any time you need to invest in new furniture! Trust their long tradition, trust their skills and trust their instinct: it’s the only way to enjoy premium furniture at home and at the office!

For further details on high quality recliners at competitive prices, check out the webpage Stressless Mayfair recliner  http://unwind.com/stressless-mayfair-ships-fast-and-free/ . Take a moment and consult the Stressless category Ekornes Stressless http://unwind.com/about-ekornes/   if you are interested in reading more on the company, the type of products for sale, discounts and special sales or for ordering terms and conditions.