A preferred destination for many tourists, the main island of the Indonesian province Bali is located between the islands Lombok and Java. The exotic landscape lures many visitors of the island to spend a few days in a ferienvilla. Bali, the Island of Love, or the Morning of the World, is the place where you can easily find the peace of the ocean, the grandeur of its mountains, the infinite blue of the sky or the dark colours of the storm, a shelter in one of the island’s ferienhäuser. Bali is for sure that destination that will populate your memories for a lifetime.


The largest tourist destination of Indonesia, Bali has also impressed its visitors by traditional arts like music, dance, sculpture and painting, or its inhabitants’ craftsmanship in processing metal and leather. Although the island is a tourist paradise for decades, recent years have brought a spectacular increase of the number of visitors. The southern part of the island has been the first place dedicated to the tourism industry. Many locations have been developed afterwards, such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, or Pecatu.


The real estate industry has been growing in Bali and has determined a strong momentum of the tourism industry. Areas like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Oberoi, and recently the southern peninsula of the island, Bukit, have seen many five star projects developing. The cliff sides in the southern part of the island include a lot of projects for million dollar ferienhäuser. Bali has received both foreign and domestic investment for its development. A good point is that land prices have maintained relative stability, despite the worldwide economic crisis.


The terrorist bombings that happened in 2002 and 2005 have had a serious impact on tourism in Bali. Although there were restrictions for foreign visitors following these attacks, the tourism industry succeeded to recover the losses and even surpass its previous performance.


After a 30% decrease of Indonesia’s currency against the US dollar in 2008, the effect has been noticed in the number of overseas visitors to the island. A new loss in the number of tourists has occurred in 2009, as a consequence of the global economic crisis. Fewer tourists came to the island and wanted to rent a ferienvilla. Bali was not affected by terrorist attacks this time, but put to the test by financial restrictions.


Fortunately, 2010 came with a promising increase in visitor arrivals, reaching 2.57 million foreign tourists. The trend continued in 2011 and 2012, going up to 2.88 million tourists. Forecasts show that 2013 will bring about 3.1 million foreign visitors to the island, maintaining the ascending trend of the past years and preserving the world top position of the Balinese tourism.



If you look for an exotic ferienvilla Bali is the right destination for your holidays. Rent on of the beautiful ferienhäuser Bali has on offer for an unforgettable vacation.