SEO or Search Engine Optimization could mean spending a lot of money. Of course, when you have a website that you want displayed prominently in search engine results pages you have to put in the right marketing effort. The only problem with SEO is that one cannot say for certain that a SEO strategy will work within a definite timeframe. Hence, before signing a long term contract with an SEO company you may want to opt for a monthly link building program.


How much does SEO cost? It all depends on the size of your business and the kind of marketing that you want to get done. For a small office, a dentist’s clinic for example, that wants to only target the town or city it is located in, SEO can be done for a price as low as $250-$500 per month. For those with regional presence that could mean one of the states in the USA or a region, the Midwest for example, this cost could go up to $2,000-$6,000 per month. And if someone wants national level website marketing through SEO they could be looking at in excess of $10,000 per month.


These are big investments and you want to ensure that you will get results from these investments. This is where someone new to SEO could be hesitant. No professional SEO company can guarantee a timeframe for success. So, if you tell your SEO that you want Google page one for your website in three months they may back out from taking your project. Yes, there are ways to achieve this but a professional SEO company wouldn’t get into those unethical methods.


So, what is it that you should look as an alternative option? As mentioned above here, the best alternative option is to try out a monthly link building program. All the SEO companies in the country have their monthly programs and it is well worth trying one of them out.


What is it that you get from a monthly link building program? You get a combination of optimization and marketing. Depending on the kind of program you choose you get a certain number of optimized keywords. These keywords are then spread all over the internet through articles, blogs, bookmarking and press releases so that people start noticing them and come to your website. The result of all this effort also means that you have backlinks coming to your website as other websites start linking to your website. This is the best way to ensure that Google notices your website and increases its page rank.


Ultimately you may want to opt for long term SEO consultancy for your website but you should know where to put your money. A monthly link building program will not only get you comfortable with the idea of SEO but will also help you choose the right SEO partner. For a relatively small investment less than $400 a month you will have an SEO partner that can take your website places.


Before you sign a long term contract with an SEO company it may be worthwhile trying out a monthly link building program that they can offer you. View our SEO Christmas offer for this year and decide if you want to give it a try!