Shenzhen, China, August 18, 2014: Today, people carry a variety of handheld devices and they require a charger to charge each device. Now, CHOE Technology has introduced a rapid charger with 6 ports which can be used to charge 6 different devices at a time. Importantly, each port is a smart port which can detect the Apple, Samsung, Android and other devices and can provide the high speed charging. This smart charger is now available on Amazon at a discount price as an inaugural offer and one can enjoy free shipping too. 

The engineers at CHOE Technology have designed this product, realizing the need of the modern consumers who often carry different types of devices these days. Moreover, this USB charger could be valuable for a traveling family or a team where each member would have different type of devices. With a single input voltage, people can be able to charge their 6 devices simultaneously, using the charger. This type of functional advantage makes the charger more desirable for the modern consumers. 

With a charging speed of up to 10 Amps, it can charge any device or a digital product at a great speed. It brings a convenience and flexibility when it comes to charging different devices, eliminating any compatibility issue between the devices and the charger. One needs not to bother about remembering which port is meant for which devices. The charger detects the device on its own and fulfills the charging requirements of the devices connected to it. 

The spokesperson of CHOE Technology reveals that they are receiving a number of orders every day since then they have started offering it through Amazon. “People are finding it useful and a discount of 72% is another great reason for them to purchase the product,” he states. The charger is a practical and convenient product for the modern population, and this is the reason why it is drawing their attention. One can learn more about the charger or can place an order for it by following the link

About CHOE Technology: 

CHOE Technology is a China-based company that specializes in wireless charging solutions. The company was founded in 2012 in response to the development of wireless charging technology and explosion of electronic devices flooding today’s market and the growing need to provide a simple, smart, efficient and clutter-free approach for powering devices. Today, they lead the market with products that are remarkable in device compatibility, retail availability, technological advancement and consumer experience. 

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