(Free Press Release) Fisher Capital Equipment Management Update- China has become the world's first internal combustion engine manufacturing power - engine oil - construction machinery industry. Avoid online internet scams; get latest updates on Fisher Capital Equipment Management website. At Tianjin University in a few days ago " Energy Power "Academic Forum, Tianjin University, State Key Laboratory of Combustion Yao Ming-Fa fellow director, said China's current annual production has more than 60 million internal combustion units, is the world's first internal combustion engine manufacturing country. With internal combustion engine as the power source of the power system in the next 30-50 years is still the main driving force for most, it will be the internal combustion engine energy saving energy saving in China the main battlefield of the future

"Energy and Power," Academic Forum, Tianjin University to celebrate the State Key Laboratory of Combustion opened in 20 years held. Forums, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences Gob, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hui Guo, Tianjin University, State Key Laboratory of Combustion chief scientist Wan-Hua Su, China FAW Car Research chief engineer Li Kang and other experts, including prior agreement will concern the focus of great concern in the current domestic and international economic and energy savings on carbon.

China - world's first internal combustion engine manufacturing power Fisher Capital Equipment Update. Avoid online internet scams; get latest updates on Fisher Capital Equipment Management website. Researcher, according to Yao Ming-Fa, the internal combustion engine Oil Oil consumption is about 66% of total consumption, China's dependence on oil imports more than 50%. Engine emissions and noise are also major sources of air and the environment, the city more than 50% of the harmful gases from motor vehicle emissions from combustion engines. "But the burning Engine Still the main power source in the future, fuel efficient and clean burning combustion technology is still theoretical and academic frontier. Conventional internal combustion engine is still 50% of the energy potential of renewable fuels, new synthetic fuel efficient and clean combustion is an important aspect of new energy to pursue low-carbon power has become an important international political issues, combustion engine fuel diversification energy diversification is a trend. “

Laboratory Academic Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences said Xu Jianzhong, although in recent decades, fossil energy is still the main source of energy, but from now on to create carbon-free, low-carbon energy system, the occupation of energy technology and industrial high ground, China's Industrial development.

1989 Tianjin University completed an open State Key Laboratory of Engine Combustion engine of China's only State Key Laboratory of the field. Combination of the laboratory "energy", "environment" and "power" major national needs and international academic front, the main research interests include internal combustion engine combustion process and optimum control of the internal combustion engine generates harmful emissions, and atmospheric environmental impact post-processing technology research, alternative fuels and new engine Power Plant Study, dynamic mechanical structural strength, vibration, noise and lubrication technology research.

Experts at the forum agreed that the green energy and low-carbon economy is becoming the leading technology and industrial revolution in the next major direction of our country is facing domestic pressure to reduce carbon emissions, carbon emissions will be the internal combustion engine technology to drive future the development of one of the main sources of power. The face of this international situation, Yao Ming-fa introducing the laboratory researcher, said the future direction of development, energy-efficient internal combustion engine and reduce harmful emissions and reducing carbon emissions are the characteristics of the laboratory, while the aircraft engines, space propulsion in the field expansion side laboratory has also made encouraging progress. "We will continue to innovate and operational mechanisms to accelerate the pace of development, take on the achievement of national goals of scientific research and high-level personnel training duty. Efforts to build a world-class laboratory research center of the engine, to meet China in the 'energy,' 'Environment' and 'advanced power' to make a significant contribution to the demand. "