Shenzhen, China, December 19, 2013: There are several types of magnets that are used in the industries and it’s essential for these industries to procure magnets of excellent quality to carry out their production tasks. Now, to help industries to continue their production of various products, China Rare Earth Magnet Limited announces to offer all kinds of magnets in bulk quantity. The company has been a major magnet supplier since 1985 and promises to handle the demands of any quantity. They have a ready-stock of a variety of magnets to meet the global demand. 

Speaking about their high-production capacity of magnets, the spokesperson of the company maintains that their NdFeb Magnets are in great demand and they can supply these magnets at any time to the industrial clients from anywhere in the world. An NdFeb or neodymium iron boron magnet is often considered as the strongest magnet. The company can provide these high quality magnets at economical prices with the desired coating over these magnets. One can procure these magnets in large quantities from them with the coatings of NiCuNi, Zn, Epoxy etc. They believe in offering custom coatings to suit the production needs of various industries. 

China Rare Earth Magnet specializes in producing highly efficient SmCo magnets with very high working temperature of up to 300 degree centigrade. An industry can procure a SmCo magnet from them in any desired shape such as disc, ring, arc etc. They can provide SmCo magnets in any desired shape that an industry may require for their production purposes. The spokesperson assures of taking any order for custom-made SmCo magnets which will offer very high temperature stability and a very good coercivity. 

Industrial clients who are looking for very high quality sintered neodymium magnets can find these magnets in any quantity and at the best prices with China Rare Earth Magnet Company. A neodymium magnet is the most powerful type of magnet and they can supply these magnets in any desired shape of ring, ball, cylindrical, cubic or any other complex shape that an industry may require. 

The company also manufactures various other types of magnets and they believe in supplying custom-made products. One can learn more about their products by visiting their website . 

About China Rare Earth Magnet Limited: 

China Rare Earth Magnet Limited is a leading magnet manufacturer and supplier. The company, established in 1985, is a professional manufacturer of magnetic materials, specializes in producing rare earth magnet such as sintered neodymium magnet, bonded neodymium magnet, samarium cobalt magnets and alnico magnets. They also supply ferrite magnet, rubber magnet and some magnetic assemblies. 

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