Zhejiang Province, China, February 9, 2015: Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company has introduced a variety of lighting solutions that have various applications in the modern world. These lighting products are not only practically useful but are also very stylish and energy-efficient for the modern users. They have new style flashlights with a super high beam that can be used during hunting, searching and other activities. 

According to the company spokesperson, their rechargeable spotlights for hunting are useful and trendy products for people to carry in night for locating the hunt. The spotlights have long-lasting batteries which can provide several hours of high beam light on a single charge. Available in a variety of styles, one can choose a flashlight with adjustable wrist straps for easy carrying. With a super power LED, the flashlights can emit a superior beam to focus on a long distance and see the things clearly in the darkness. 

The company also offers several types of lighting products to be used in homes. They have battery operated cabinet lights that are perfect to maintain brightness with their 6 high beam LEDs. With a push bottom and high power battery, the lights could be used for lighting rooms and cabinets in a perfect manner. These lights are delivered in attractive color boxes and can be supplied anywhere in the world. 

The spokesperson of the company maintains that they have designed LED portable sensor light for energy efficient lighting of modern homes. Equipped with the motion sensors, these portable lights can be used to minimize energy consumption in homes. It has two operation modes: bright all the time or bright by inducting, for saving energy. With built-in infrared sensors and double magnet the light is of a great portable nature. Available in different color choices, it can sense motion from a distance of up to two meters and provide lighting in the room accordingly. 

Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company has various types of lighting products that suitable for practical applications and also for saving energy. One can check the different types of products available with them on the website http://www.greentyee.com. 

About Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company Ltd 

Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company was established in 2009. The company’s primary focus has always been on the service and supply of home and portable quality lightings to global customers. Loyalty and long term relationships are a feature of the company. They have been supplying products for over 5 years in the USA, Canada, EU, and Japan and in other areas. 

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