Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland), December 14, 2013: There are some items that could give a new meaning to one’s living standards by adding some comfortable, useful and luxurious components. Shower Cabins & Shower Enclosures are such products that offer functional advantages to one’s bathroom adding a dash of elegance and luxury and at the same time could help in conserving water to a great extent. China based Hangzhou Crystal Bathroom Co., Ltd has always been in the forefront in bringing innovative bathroom products and now this shower room supplier has introduced a new range of highly functional Shower Cabins & Shower Enclosures, suiting the modern lifestyle and one’s pocket as well. 

The bathroom fitting supplier boasts of new designs that make their shower cabins and enclosures easy to install. Moreover, they have several new designs for a consumer to choose from. One can find their new Shower Cabin with provisions for a number of fitting and fixture that can enhance the shower experience of a user. These cabins are perfectly sealed and don’t allow a single drop of water to sip through. This way it helps maintains cleanliness and avoids wastage of water. 

Moreover, one can find a host of luxurious components fitted in these cabins. There could be a top light, a fan and even an FM radio to enjoy music while taking a shower. The soft rubber back rest and arm rests enhance the shower experience of a user. There are soap, shampoo and other containers for users to keep a variety of items of their choice to help enjoy the shower in the best possible manner. Shower handles and panels are made of highly durable metals and it gives long lasting glossy and shiny looks. The company’s new shower cabins are aimed at redefining the shower experience of a user. 

The new shower enclosure introduced by the company features high quality material that enhances its durability besides maintaining its appealing look and feel. Such an enclosure can be used for remodeling one’s bathroom and add some luxuries to it. Besides being high-quality, feature-rich and luxurious products, these shower enclosures and cabins are available at highly affordable prices. One can learn more about these bathroom products by visiting their website http://www.ctfshowerroom.com/ . 

About Hangzhou Crystal Bathroom Co., Ltd 

Hangzhou Crystal Bathroom Co., Ltd. has been producing high quality and functional shower rooms, shower enclosures, shower panels, bathtubs and shower screens since 1998. The company offers affordable prices and one can be rest assured of the best services in the whole order processing from product manufacturing to shipping till after-sales support. They deliver their products to Europe, North and South America, Australia, the Middle-East and South-East Asia around 50 countries. 

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