Zhejiang, China (Mainland), December 11, 2013: China based Hangzhou Henghao Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd. continues to be the high performance pigment supplier in the industry by adopting a series of measures that can enhance the performance and competitiveness of their product offerings. The company believes in developing and supplying high performance pigments that can meet the needs of the modern industries. The company boasts of their well-equipped lab and the R&D unit that are the key in the development of high-performance pigments for the industry. They deliver high quality pigments that are widely used in many sectors such as Plastics, Inks, Coating, Textile paste, stationery, Agricultural Chemicals, Detergent, etc. 

They boast of several industry-leading products such as Pigment Violet 3, Pigment Violet 23, and Pigment Red 254. Their high quality Organic Pigments are in great demand among industries where chemical-free durable color distinction is important to achieve. These pigments offer excellent stability and are available in distinctive colors. These are insoluble in water and ethanol and can be used to give a distinctive appearance to a product, ensuring sustainable features. The company maintains these pigments are in great demand and they have been shipping it to a number of global locations. 

According to the company sources, they have achieved a new feat in offering a line of Carbon Black Pigment that is the best in the industry. These pigments are high color gas processing pigments that can spread smoothly to offer a uniform gloss throughout the surface. These pigments are being used in a number of industries where maintaining a uniformity of a thorough blackness is very essential. 

Hangzhou Henghao Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd. believes in offering best pigments and can offer free samples to help assess the product quality. They maintain a competitive pricing and offers best customer services to their global customers. With their highly capable shipment mechanism, they claim to deliver ordered products always on time. Industrial customers who want to order their high quality pigments can visit their website http://www.suncolorpigment.com . 

About Hangzhou Henghao Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd. 

Hangzhou Henghao Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd. is a growing pigment producer and provider from China. The company owns a first-class laboratory and its production base in China to produce high quality high performance pigments. They supply various pigment colorants that are widely used in various industries including Plastics, Inks, Coating, Textile paste, stationery, Agricultural Chemicals, Detergent, etc. They provide low-cost, high value products and economical solutions to the industries. 

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