New York City stamp dealer Cherrystone Auctions has fixed and published the opening bids for their upcoming live public auction. The auction will take place over the course of two days: Tuesday, February 28th and Wednesday, March 1st. The upcoming auction will be Cherrystone’s first of 2017.

In addition to the opening bid dollar amounts, the full list of lots available at the auction, including images and item descriptions, is available on Cherrystone’s website. Over 1,500 lots will be up for bidding at the upcoming February auction, with opening bids ranging from under 100 dollars to a high opening bid amount of $45,000.

While there are dozens of lots that require an initial bid of less than 100 dollars, only a few stamps begin with bids in the tens of thousands of dollars. Lot #1241 is the lot with the highest opening bid amount of $45,000. The high-priced lot is a single stamp that is Russian in origin. It was issued in 1935. One factor in the stamp’s value is a printing mistake, as the surcharge on the stamp is inverted. Another factor in its high price is the stamp’s rarity, as only two sheets (50 total stamps) of the stamp with the inverted surcharge were ever printed. According to Cherrystone’s description of the stamp, it carries a catalog value of $90,000. A full description of the stamp, as well as a high-quality image, is available on Cherrystone’s website at

Another stamp with a high opening bid that will be for sale at Cherrystone’s upcoming auction is Lot #1340, a famous stamp from Switzerland known as the “Double Geneva.” The example of the Double Geneva that will be sold is an unused version of the stamp that is reported to be in good condition. Its catalog value is listed to be $77,500. As with all of the stamps included in the auction, an image of the stamp and further details regarding its history and condition are available at

Cherrystone Auctions brings sells over $30 million worth of stamps and stamp-related collectibles each year. They frequently hold public auctions; after their upcoming February auction, their next auctions of 2017 will be held in May and July. For each auction, the deadline to submit materials to be included in the auction is several months prior to the auction itself.

Each of their auctions features stamps from the United States and countries all over the world. Among the international countries with stamps frequently represented in their auctions are China, Russia, Great Britain and Germany. Stamps from historic political entities, such as French and British colonies and the former Soviet Union, are also frequently sold through Cherrystone

For more information on their current auction, or to learn how to participate in the auction remotely via their CherrystoneLIVE feature, the auction house may be contacted by using the information below.

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