Chef Kunal Kapur who is known for his blunt feedback, seems to have mellowed down. The reason for this change is kids but also because he is for the first time dealing with so many of them. Kunal who is a veteran on Masterchef is very happy with this change in himself.

Recently while shooting for Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad, Chef Kunal’s emotions took an upper hand when one of the contestants started crying at the cooking stations. Sakshi who oozed out tears because of her dish, melted the heart of Chef Kunal. While she wasn’t confident to finish the dish in time, Kunal boosted the moral of the twelve years old and put in a word of confidence. “I have always been very strict about food and feedback but these contestants have melted my heart. They are so good and it’s an amazing feeling to watch the tiny hands chop vegetable so finely. The credit of this change in my totally goes out to these wonderful small packets of joy. My heart melts to watch any of these kids cry, as they are all doing great cooking, which even a full grown chef would find difficult. We are all very proud of these little chefs”, confessed an elated Chef Kunal Kapur.

Catch Chef Kunal Kapur and the packet of joy on Junior MasterchefSwaad ke Ustaad at 9 pm Saturday and Sunday only on STAR Plus!






Atul Malikram

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