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Cheap Indian Airfare Search Tips
• Traveling on Tue, Wed and Thu traditionally costs less. If your travel plans are flexible, consider these days.
• Buy your Mumbai ticket as far in advance as possible. Fares are often lower when purchased 7, 14 or 21 days in advance.
• Avoid flying on a weekend. Many airlines have made this a requirement for reduced fares.
• Book travel during holidays, or other peak periods, as early as possible to get the best promotions and deals to Mumbai, India.

Mumbai is the fastest moving, most affluent and industrialized city in India and is often said to be the financial capital of India and, for many people, the gateway to India.

Mumbai (BOM) is the most preferred destination for International flights into India. Further more it also acts as the most popular domestic airport as well. With domestic airfares having gotten reduced to a mere nothingness one has infinite options as to choose from. Pune one of the satellite cities is just a step away. Jaipur and Udaipur are close by too. Other cities such as Goa, Bangalore, or for that instance any city in India can be best reached from Mumbai (BOM).

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