17, May 2016: Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter is the new generation intelligent self-balancing scooter in S series which was released recently by Airwheel. Same to Song Joong Ki, S8 is no less gorgeous than him.

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Different from the current intelligent self-balancing scooter, Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter shows its uniqueness on the shape of control lever. The swan-like control lever, matched with white and blue colors, is extremely graceful and elegant. If you are riding S8 electric scooter for adults with seat in the streets, you will definitely make a pass at many girls.


Only having the prominent outlook is not enough. Airwheel S8 intelligent power scooter wins praise mainly from its excellent performance and strong functions. No matter it is the speed per hour or the load capacity, it can meet your requirement of daily commuting. It is the C-shape control lever that makes the steering get optimized and the comfort level for sitting-mode riding get improved.


Apart from the above traits, S8 electric walkcar is also full of interest. It is fair to say that riding should be connected with fun. And it can be embodied in S8 sitting-posture electric scooter. The inside self-balancing system of S8 two wheel electric walkcar does not require the braking system’s support. Riders can control the scooter by adjusting the gravity of his or her body.

You need to know that S8 electric scooter with seat for adults is kind of low-cost learning ability product. Girls can grasp the skills for driving it less than five minutes. If you want to pick up the girl you love, you might as well try to let her ride S8 electric scooter. At this moment, you can act as the coach to teach her. In the learning process, you may naturally get her Facebook number or phone number. If you are lucky enough, you can ask her out by riding Airwheel S8 for spending a romantic traveling.

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