There are some fascinating working hunter numnahs that you can order from top brands. There are lambskin numnahs for example and non-wool numnahs that are machine washable and hardly need much maintenance. These numnahs, whose costs range from as low as 15 pounds to around 60 pounds, are ideal for everyday use and endure rough handling. Besides, the endurance riding numnahs are not only good for riding comfort but also for the horse’s back. One of the most salient features of these numnahs is that they are not only lightweight but also versatile. By being versatile, they offer the horse’s back plenty of protection, without really adding any extra weight, giving you a win-win situation.


The working hunter numnahs are versatile allowing you to use them in many different ways and in several different activities. Besides, the best ones are made using 5 oz quilt. What makes the endurance riding numnahs even more special in some cases is the wool added at key pressure points. Adding wool over the key pressure points, takes care of the horse’s back with extra cushioning without really ending any load. Besides, there are shock absorbing properties available to protect the horseback from the saddle and the rider too. There are numnahs with high wither and those without it. It is important to pay attention to the shape of these numnahs too. You can get exotic shades as well for your numnahs just in case you love the more colourful ones, although, light and dark brown and cream are also popularly picked shades.


It is important to pick numnahs based on the purpose you are going to use it for. However, there are all purpose numnahs that are available from some professional manufacturers too. There are numnahs for jumping and numnahs for dressage along with working hunter numnahs and endurance riding numnahs. Special numnahs are designed to make the horse more comfortable. Bespoke ones that fit any saddle offer a good choice. There are special wool-lined numnahs as well. Lighter wool pile is used in some high-wither varieties. The everyday wool numnahs offer good value for money especially with contrasting quilt and wool colours available.


The anti-slip working hunter numnahs are amongst the best possible choices on offer. There are some that cost anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds and available in black and brown, with or without woollen lining. Endurance riding numnahs are available for all kinds. You can get them for show hunters and working hunters. You can get numnahs for hacks and riding horses, thoroughbreds and native breeds. It is possible to procure high quality ones for Arabs, veterans, show ponies and leading rein too, especially from sites that sell equine products and accessories of the highest quality. You may also have to check the saddle cloth size, if required. Some of the best ones are breathable, making it easier for the horse and far less sweaty thanks to the comforting breeze that breathable ones let pass.



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