Many homeowners are finding a troublesome and potentially costly surprise lurking beneath their well-groomed lawns in the form of heating oil tanks that were used to supply heaters with fuel prior to the mid 1970's. These fuel reservoirs were typically placed in the ground very close to the home as a means of isolating them for safety due to the volatile and toxic nature of the fuel oil.

With a better understanding of energy sources and heating methods these days, these tanks are now obsolete. Vancouver, with its pride in green energy programs, demands a higher level of care and understanding in dealing with these issues and often requires old tanks to be removed prior to the sale of a home.

CERC Oil Tank Removal is at the forefront of safely and efficiently removing these derelict, in-ground heating oil tanks. Some examples of their oil tank removal in North Vancouver can be seen at

These tanks can be difficult to find for a number of reasons. Homeowners may not understand how to find the tanks or may have lost property documentation over the years. There are always a few dishonest sellers who are attempting to cover the evidence so they can pass the problem on to the buyer. CERC offers help to those who may be affected and strives for better ways to locate and remove these potentially dangerous and damaging property issues. Customers can take advantage of professional services in oil tank removal as seen at

For homeowners who are not sure if they have an old oil tank on their properties, CERC can locate and identify the oil tank quickly, saving the homeowner time and money.

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About CERC Oil Tank Removal:

CERC Oil Tank Removal has operated for 25 years in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley areas. Since 1990, CERC has offered their customers peace of mind when dealing with oil tank removal, a potentially challenging and problematic issue. Through their strict hiring practices, strong commitment to service and ingenuity, CERC has built a solid reputation with a proven history of safety, value and responsibility.

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