09, March 2016: Cecilia shows special preference to the first 2-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter—Airwheel S3, even though there are kinds of self-balancing electric scootersin Airwheel. She can answers questions asked by her friends about S3 without effort that cover various aspects. For instance, the S3’s maximum load is 120kg and as for the question of how to turn on the Bluetooth function on S3, Cecilia answers as following. First power on the master power source on the wheel base. You’ll hear a prompt, which indicates the Bluetooth function is ready, enable the Bluetooth connection on your smart phone, search for the physical address of S3, and pair them.


Why does S3 go forward by itself after it is powered on? Cecilia answers because S3 is calibrated without the handlebar. So when the handlebar and control shaft are installed, its centre of gravity will naturally lean forward, so S3 will go forward. Please remember to hold the unit when powering it on. Some get on S3 Self-Balancing 2 wheels scooterswhen it is off, and the kick-stand got broken, because the gyro starts working when the unit is powered on. If you step on it when it is off, your body weight will be supported on the single piece of kick stand. It is not suggested riders stand on the unit when it is off.


Even the technical questions, Cecilia answers well. For example, some may wonder why it is tricky to connect and disconnect the control shaft to/from the wheel base every time, Cecilia answers there’s a limit slot at the joint end of control shaft and installing base. It will be difficult if you do not connect/disconnect it as per the direction of limit slot.

Why does the battery drop when charged fully before storing intelligent electric scooter? Because part of the control circuit is still at work even if you turn off the remote key. So please turn off the master power button, and the power discharge will be cut off.

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