19, May 2016: The exclusive collections of CASTIZO well handcrafted luxury espadrilles is another project launch in Kickstarter. The project aims to showcase this product line and bring this closer to customers and shoppers. Launching these luxury espadrilles in Kickstarter is also a means to inform customers that the shoes are now available at their most reasonable prices.

On this Kickstarter Project, Castizo has revived classical espadrille by means of combining quality, design and newest finishing technique. These shoes have been carefully taken care of even on the last details and they fit natural materials with a very refined technique. Ever pair has undergone excellent craftsmanship to ensure not just quality but also durability of products. Only the best individuals are working on these luxury espadilles so individuals are assured to get the perfectly designed and most beautiful pair in prices that they can afford.

Every pair of these shoes depicts beauty and style as well as the incredible craftsmanship which pave way to the successful massive productions. The soles of the sandals are manually yet carefully stitched using a special sewing method that even originated from Spain. With the shoes’ outstanding features which everyone can enjoy

Some of those people who have started to show their support to CASTIZO Handcrafted luxury espadrilles include Enzo Lange, Pontus Eriksson, Rebecca Salama, Timo Kurz, Lea Vajnorsky, Maximilian Braun and Christian Grundt.

At a price of sixty-nine dollars, buyers can already receive a pair of espadrilles including a free personalization. In regard with this kickstarter campaign, it is still asking help and support from interested people. This way, they can reach their goal of at least thirty-five thousand dollars pledged by Sunday, June 5, 2016.

And as part of the appreciation of those who have supported the project and made it successful, a complete list of names will be seen included inside the orders. With twenty-nine days left to reach their goal, it is expected that more people will be interested in supporting and contributing to the success of the campaign.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Alejandro Diaz Cazorla
Company: CASTIZO
Address: Calle Castello 23, 2 izq
Madrid, Spain, 28009
Phone: +34607545838
Email Id: [email protected]
Website: http://1bmc.org/castizo