Carrie OttLinguist, translator, and editor Carrie Ott launches a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a graduate degree in Forensic Linguistics, the newest process for solving crimes in the digital world in which we live.

Dallas, TX April 10, 2015 — Carrie Ott, linguist, translator, and editor, announced a GoFundMe campaign to raise the level of expertise and develop resources to enhance crime-solving capabilities using language clues. Both the Unabomber and Lindburgh kidnapping cases were solved using forensic linguistics. Today more than ever, these resources are essential in solving crimes.

Six out of 10 people will be victims of violent crime in their lifetimes. The field of forensic linguistics can help solve crimes as quickly as possible. Whether it be an anonymous online post from a mysterious person who says he’s going to put a bomb in the park near your house or a text threat to an individual or family, forensic linguistics can come to the rescue.

In the field of forensic linguistics, pieces of language from ransom notes, phone messages, emails, text messages, etc. are given to a linguist such as Carrie Ott. Using linguistic skills, she then identifies such clues as the location of the author, his/her age, his/her primary language, and so much more. These clues will assist law enforcement in identifying the culprit and solving the crime, hopefully saving lives in the process.

Carrie’s particular interest is in developing tools for law enforcement so that more people can perform these analyses. She will incorporate her research with corpus linguistics by creating computer programs that work alongside humans to analyze the language of crime. The results will be:

1.   Crimes get solved faster.
2.   Previously unsolvable crimes end with the correct suspect.
3.   Criminals have fewer places to hide.

These crimes are happening everywhere, every day, in every neighborhood, every state, every country.  “It’s like all the crime shows, only better—because it’s real life. Criminal linguists take people’s language and use it to track them down. Whether it’s a terrorist, a cybercriminal, a hacker, a kidnapper, or a bomber, we can use language to pinpoint them and then bring them in. And that means saving people’s lives,” said Carrie.

Carrie’s goal is to expand the field of forensic linguistics so that its powerful crime-solving strategies are more available to law enforcement than ever before.

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