West Sacramento, California; 23, April 2015: Heavily influenced by California electronic artist Charlie Hearns, Sambadrome beautifully incorporates elements of electronic music, while maintaining the organic sound of classic Brazilian culture. In addition to the electronic dance music (EDM) influence, Sambadrome is fortunate to have the dynamic voice of singer Chloe Stevens. Her voice perfectly compliments the up-tempo electronic beats. The result is a culturally diverse presentation perfect for dancing.

The story behind Sambadrome is rooted in Brazilian culture. Sambadrome refers to any main street in any Brazilian city where Samba school bands would gather during parades to outperform each other. Sambadrome is the reminder that in order to succeed in the music industry, one needs to perform their best, much like during the intense competition of Carnaval. It is this idea that fuels Sambadrome’s live shows and Hernandez’s approach to music.

Recorded at a home studio, their debut album Land of Green and Gold is a collection of 11 tracks designed to captivate listeners of all genres. Influenced by the work of Charlie Hearns and the music scene of Sacramento, Hernandez uses his diverse background and musical influences to create a unique brand of music. The album is further enhanced by powerful voice of vocalist and frontwoman Chloe Stevens, creating a sound that is worldly and truly resides in its own vein.

In addition to the new album, Hernandez is currently working on setting up gigs and a possible tour of the US. Land of Green and Gold is currently available on the Charlie Hearns website (www.charliehearns.com) along with other collaborative efforts between Hearns and Sambadrome. The band is also working to create a YouTube channel that will feature live performances and recordings from their stunning debut.

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