United Kingdom; 05, September 2015: There is a huge demand for qualified and trained healthcare professionals. Many people depend on quality healthcare to ensure a fit and long life. With people depending largely on doctors and specialists for treatment of diseases and health complications, the demand is expected to rise in coming years. Caring For Care is an initiative by practicing health care professionals to impart quality training through various courses. The training solutions can be delivered on site or offsite locations as per needs and challenges.

The healthcare training centre strives to provide quality learning experience. All of its courses are designed to improve the standard of health care services. Among the various certificate courses, PEG feed training aims to raise awareness and accustom health care staff with analogue and digital machinery. It is done to make sure they acquire the essential knowledge and expertise of working safely with them. This training course is designed to accustom students with reasoning and methodology of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding.

The PEG feeding training course features theory classes and practical sessions. Throughout the duration of course, students are provided with analogue and digital PEG machine. Specialized training machine can be also accommodated for students. They learn and gather knowledge on purpose, conditions for PEG, indications, contra indications, feeding procedures, administering medications, etc.

Throughout the training period, emphasis is also given on different aspects. It includes record keeping, documentation, competency framework, process for effective mouth care, maintenance of enteral feeding tubes, etc. There are also catheterization training courses to provide a complete guidance on catheterization covering male and female anatomy. It also enlightens the students and learners on safe and best practices. Practical sessions are held to make the staff confident enough of changing and handling a catheter with male and female subjects.

On course completion, the students would be issued with classroom competency certificate. It establishes that such students have successfully demonstrated skills and understanding on catheter care. For interested learners, there are tracheostomy training courses to familiarize them on reasoning and awareness on tracheost. Infection control and prevention, indications, complications, practical sessions with mannequins and maintaining accurate records are covered.

Course completion equips the learners to successfully demonstrate enhanced awareness on the topic in theory and practice. The competency is well monitored and assessed throughout the course by instructor. Practical training sessions also enable healthcare students to practice their day to day tasks centered on tracheostomy.Caring For Care has affordable and high quality healthcare training solutions for learners.

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Caring For Care imparts healthcare training courses with a passion to improve healthcare training standards. It understands the unique needs and challenges of healthcare professionals and caters to different budgets and time constraints. Visit the website for more information on the courses offered.