Career Guidance Seminar conducted by famous Life Guru Pankaj Kothari


INDORE 16TH JULY 2016 “Career decision is crucial for everyone and must be taken keeping in mind factors like their interest, skills, personality, societal and economic condition, life experiences, culture etc. This is not something which one will do because parents want them or because a friend is also doing the same”

This was shared by noted Life Guru Pankaj Kothari. He was addressing the students of SICA School at The Career Guidance Seminar, on Friday, 15th July 2016, at ICAI Auditorium, Indore. As a seminar bonus, participants received self-assessment test on their career interest, which gave them an insight into their preferred career.

According to Mr. Kothari, a person must make a career in an area one is interested in. He suggested, “In your career, do something which you enjoy, and then you will not work, but will be doing something which you are passionate for. If this is not possible, then enjoy what you do. Similarly agreeing to parents wishes for your career should be accompanied by your willingness and not under compulsion.”

Mr. Kothari added, “Every career will have good scope if you are interested in it. If you are not interested in a particular stream, even if it has tremendous scope, you may not have success someday as you lack interest in that. Even if you read somewhere that a particular professional got a very high package, remember that everyone in that profession may not get the same high package. Moreover, check for the success rate of entering in the profession. Success story might be few but failure may be thousands.”

Mr. Kothari further recommended, “Once you decide a particular career, make a plan of action for success.” He then, shared his famous ‘Dahi Vada Philosophy’ as success mantra.

The seminar was inaugurated by Chairperson of Indore Branch of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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