With today’s concerns over car engine efficiency and the impact on the environment, Car-Generation provides solutions for both issues. Offering chip tuning and speedometer calibration, Car-Generation is the one of the most respected in the industry. Experts in mechanical engine tuning, Car-Generation works on most car makes and models. Car-Generation excels at chip tuning, speedometer calibration, and using the latest diagnostic equipment.

With over 15 year of experience in chip tuning, Car-Generation uses all of the latest tools to insure that everything goes smoothly from Byteshooter, EVC BDM100, WinOLS, ECM, Alientech and more. Vehicle diagnostics help discern issues with motors and lead to corrections which can increase fuel mileage or cut down on exhaust fumes that may harm the environment. One interesting aspect is the tuning of WinOLS, which is the map editing software that helps guide drivers to the right destination. Such seemingly small refinements can help keep drivers on course which wastes less fuel. Overall engine tuning can be performed as well if the vehicle is suitable for such measures. Once service has been performed, a  tuning file  is kept for future work to help improve the speed of the maintenance.

Each individual performance is guaranteed by Car-Generation to insure that everything is working correctly once the chip tuning or speedometer calibration is performed. Speedometer calibration helps keep an accurate record of the miles travelled which can be used in reducing fuel consumption. By insuring the accuracy of the speedometer, that information can be used by the driver to make adjustments to which routes they take and speeds they drive to improve fuel mileage. Eco-tuning is another service offered by Car-Generation which is designed to reduce fuel consumption of diesel and gas engines. According to studies, effective eco-tuning can save .5 to 1 liter per 100km traveled by using the Kraftsoff system.

Chiptuning is primarily used to improve the overall performance of the vehicle engine. All the software systems are fully updated. Plus, these programs are adjusted for climate conditions to help improve overall performance. Each engine has a small, single-board control unit that contains all the important information about the management of the motor. By processing and analyzing all the pertinent information, the functions of the motor such as the fuel injection, ignition, boost pressure and more can be fine tuned for greater performance. Even subtle changes such as altitude can help boost gas mileage and improve the overall performance of the engine.  Chiptuning  can actually increase the power of the engine as well. Up to 12% for gas engines, 30% for diesel and up to 50% for turbo gas engines. In addition to the services mentioned, on-board diagnostics, Powerbox tuning, adjustments to the tuning box, and replacing the Flash EPROM chips are part of the service as well.

Car-Generation provides excellent services that help increase gas mileage, reduce environmental pollutants and improve overall performance of the engine. In today’s age of concerns over gas prices and environmental impact, Car-Generation is providing an important response. For more information, please go to this website.

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