19 December, 2013: Any assistance for keeping their automobile clean will be likely appreciated by those households having small children. The Kick Mat keeps the back of the car seat from scuff marks. 

car seat protector

Freddie and Sebbie realized that was not sufficient. The seat must have to be secured. The fact is, children create dirty stuffs in most car seats. We decided to do something else,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie. 

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Car seat Protector then is what gets to their minds. This protector is made from a high quality, sturdy fabric seat liner that is perfect for any vehicle seat. An anti-slip backing and simple to clean surface shows that the interior of the automobile need not be coated in food, candy and crayons. 

“We tried to think about almost everything we could to make this as parent and child friendly as possible. The protectors also fit virtually any vehicle seat. Regardless of the car seat’s material; whether it is a leather material or cloth, they can conveniently fit them at any time. Neil also claimed that the covers work wonderfully. 

Like all Freddie and Sebbie products, the Car Seat Protector come with a lifetime No-Hassle replacement guarantee. Possessing an SUV is definitely a fantastic investment which makes its protection and upkeep essential. These car seats keep trash and filth off the leather and upholstery, helping your vehicle stay longer,” said Neil.

Mrs Budd, Amazon.com shopper, had this to say, “It covers so much more of the seat then other covers. It’s huge and it keeps my sons feet off of the back of my seat. I guess the only negative would be is that it slumps a lil on the back of the seat but my son is backwards facing in his car seat when he turns around it will completely protect my seat which is awesome”. 

If you’d like to find out more about Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Protectors, just simply click the following link: http://www.amazon.com/Car-Seat-Protector-Scuffmarks-Replacement/dp/B00CJD5Y4I/ 

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