Every industry has its major players and the less known vendors that do not always deliver a high quality product. If you want to know your systems will work at the highest standards and if you want to want to work with the best, you have to take the time and make an informed decision. This is why you have to use a complete system from one brand.

Instead of using different parts from multiple brands, why not use all of them that have been made under the same roof? They are optimized to work with one another, you will know the responses will always be the best and you can also get a better deal for the entire system. But where will you find the systems with the same brand on every part?

Chances are that you will not find the ones you are after, but there is a way through which you can achieve your goal. CAME is one of the leading brands you can trust when it comes to electric gates and they are the ones that will offer a wide range of items for the system. This is going to provide the answers you want to get in terms of quality.

CAME offers some of the most important parts of system. This is going to provide the operators that can be installed to swing or slide the gates, you will get the arms that connect the operators to the games, the cables to connect with the power supply and many other things like that. This is the brand you can trust for the operational equipment.

But you could not get the complete system from CAME up until two years ago, since they focused in these parts alone. In 2012 they acquired BPT, a company that made other parts of the system and thus they were able to provide all the equipment you needed to enjoy a fully operational electric gate in front of your home or your office building.

BPT is the brand you can turn to for the keypads or other entry equipment you need. They provide audio and video entry devices that are meant to alert the people inside the building about who is at the gate, but they have a range of other parts that are meant to complete the ones from the other brand. Now all you have to do is find a supplier.

If you live in the UK and you want to find the right stores for the BPT parts, the first site you have to visit is the one at trade-electric-gatesuk.com. This is where you will find all the parts you need from these popular brands so you can install an optimized system from start to finish. This is going to provide the results you are after and you will know it is one of the best systems you can install. If there are other brands you are interested in, this is a source you can trust.
CAME is one of the best brands you can turn to when it comes to equipment for electric gates, but it is not the only one. If you want to acquire a complete system from start to finish, you can also add BPT products to it since they are both owned by the same company.