Well acclaimed Caloric Appliances Company is launching a new website that features the premise of a better, well defined, more sophisticated look.

This could not come at a better time because they just recently launched their new Caloric retro chic refrigerators in Canada.

Now with an innovative website, the company is much better and well represented for a stronger online interaction with interested consumers.

“We’re excited to elevate our online presence to the same quality, style and practicality of our amazing product line!” said Executive James Brown of Caloric Appliances.

Widely known for its stylish, luxurious appliances, Caloric was originally started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania back in the 1900's. It was not until much later that they went ahead and established themselves in one of Canada's thriving provinces, Ontario, while picking up speed in development of the company by the late 2000's. It has also shown a rising market in the U.S over the years.

As pioneer of several innovations throughout kitchens in North America; ie, the built-in-wall-oven, the Caloric company offers a unique variety of kitchen appliances which range from kitchen burners to chic looking refrigerators that come in various shades of colors. Ranges, cooktops and hoods are stylishly structured to provide a vintage looking atmosphere in any kitchen setting.

The Caloric brand takes pride in giving a satisfactory experience to their consumers. The dedication to quality of their products comes first, before anything else. They offer a 2 year warranty for all their products from the day you purchase them and all their appliances are carefully tested and inspected for quality assurance.

If you want more information about Caloric or their products, visit http://www.caloricappliances.ca/ or email them [email protected]

Media Contact:
James Brown
Company: Caloric Appliances
Phone: 1-877-713-5140
Address: 935 Sheppard Avenue West Unit # 904, Toronto ON, M3H 2T7, Canada
E-mail: [email protected]