Recent reports say that people do not want to change their phone numbers. Changing the number is too much of a fuss because then the individual has to inform all the people about his or her number. Privacy has become a huge cause of concern among individuals, especially those who have businesses and companies.

Callingvault is an outstanding innovation in itself. Multiples sources have confirmed that one of the most convincing features of this site is the enhanced wild card system. This device is capable of doing more than just one task. With this, individuals will be able to block numbers and also an entire code if they prefer it. Individuals can also do it with a specific exchange of an area code. Not many sites are able to offer this feature to individuals. Individuals can block unwanted calls and also dial out privately. This feature has also helped many individuals avoid harassment from ex lovers and others. Thanks to this feature, business managers and other leading workers can actually keep in touch with their customers an business partners while at the same time maintaining their privacy in number.

Apart from some of the top quality performances, it also perfectly capable of undertaking complicated tasks that have not been done by any other. The owner of the phone number has full control of the number. callingvault offers a second phone number to the individuals which can be easily and affortlessly linked up to their smart phone. No matter where a person may be, the right talk will help keep outsiders at bay.

once the application is uploaded and used in the system, the owner of the phone can effortlessly make up for any tricks that the other party is planning. For example, is a person whose number has been blocked still insists on wearing it where he or she goes, the app will identify it and automatically block it. For more information please go to

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Callingvault is the web site that offer top quality applications to help people block unwanted calls. Individuals can get this benefit from free.

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