07, December 2016: California Vaping UK, are an online retailer of gourmet and premium E-liquids in the UK who deliver Worldwide, they have just released their new, luxury wooden Gift Boxes in the run up to Christmas. Here, customers can choose from a selection of premium and gourmet e-liquids, all expertly packed into a luxury gift box set.

Gift Boxes

Right now, California Vaping's Gift Boxes come in two sizes, although the company plans to increase the range of gift box sizes in the future. The smaller of the two boxes holds one to two bottles of e-liquid, while the larger has capacity for between three and four. All e-liquid bottles are packed carefully in their own gift boxes, along with shredded wood wool packing .

The company says that the gift boxes are the perfect opportunity to surprise a friend or a loved one with a variety of interesting flavors from California Vaping’s range for Christmas, Hanukkah or a birthday.

How To Order

The ordering process is relatively straightforward. Customers just add the Gift Box that they want to their shopping cart along with their desired 30ml e-liquid bottles, then proceed to the checkout, just as they would if they were buying any other product. Then the packers at the other end will hand wrap their e-liquids, put them in the Gift Box, and send them off.

Gourmet E-liquid Choices

California Vaping prides itself on the broad selection of e-liquids that it offers. These include brands such as The Milkman, Black Note, Red Vape, Halo, Cuttwood, Taffy Man, Ben Northon and Space Jam. Red Vape is one of the highest rated e-liquid brands in the UK, and offers a range of flavors designed to produce a great vaping experience. The company only sources its e-liquids from natural ingredients, meaning that the quality here is exceptional. The Reserva range of e-liquids is made exclusively from naturally extracted tobacco, while the Gran Reserva e-liquid introduces additional flavors, like Irish whiskey and Robusta coffee.

Black Note is another brand with a reputation for quality, supplied by California Vaping. Black Note e-liquids come exclusively in tobacco flavors. The company uses only natural extraction methods and prides itself on its 6- to 8-week maceration process where the tobacco essence is slowly leached from the tobacco leaves, producing a bold flavor. Black Note has its own independent laboratory where it endeavors to create products that are both safe and natural.

Ben Northon E-liquid is a brand, like Black Note, that focuses exclusively on tobacco flavor e-liquids. The company has a range of Wild West themed e-liquid products, although the actual company behind the brand is located in France. At its laboratories, the company has developed Black Horse, Doe Skin, Gold Digger, Love Blond and Road Five e-liquids, all of which have distinct flavors.

In addition to these gourmet e-liquids, California Vaping offers twenty two other brands, catering for practically any vaper’s tastes. Every brand of e-liquid that the company sells through its website comes with a complete description of how it is made and why it is of such a high quality. You can find out more by visiting the gourmet e-liquids page.

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