TORONTO, Canada, March 10, 2016 /Hudson Coldblue/ -- CA Benefits Corporation launched its new website, providing information to Canadians how to succeed in obtaining Tax and Benefit Credits, such as Child Disability Benefit and Disability Tax Credit.

The newly launched CABENEFITS.CA offers a range of latest features including mobile responsiveness - making it easy for you to read about its services on any mobile device - user-friendly navigability and great interactivity. That's in addition to the new blog.
On that last point, CABENEFITS.CA integrated useful features such as relevant news links to the tax and benefits information the clients need most, as well as informative pages.

"Canadians often don't take advantage of tax credits and benefits because they aren't aware of them, are overwhelmed by the paperwork, or see the identification and application process as cost prohibitive," said Leanne Buntman, Licensed Paralegal at CA Benefits Corporation. "Our service offers Canadians an easy, affordable way to obtain the credits and benefits they're entitled to receive."

CA Benefits Corporation will also be reaching out to its clients on social media. The Facebook and Twitter pages are now live. Your favorite social media platforms will be used to channel important insights and updates, as well as to answer your questions.
"We invite you to take the time to read on and be sure to contact us with any comments about the new website," - Lara Lipworth, Consultant at CA Benefits Corporation.

CA Benefits Corporation is helping people succeed in obtaining Tax and Benefit Credits. Here at CA Benefits Corporation we understand the financial burden of having a disability and how that can impact one’s daily life and increase expenses. Our goal is to make sure that we get you the money you deserve. Our guarantee to you is that we only get paid once you are approved. Let our specialists maximize your return. More information about CA Benefits Corporation is available online at and by calling (416) 414-7757 or (647) 975-6953.

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Submitted by: Jamie White