It seems like cables have never been more important to us then they are today just due to how many different devices run on cables.  It seems like there are cables for just about everything, and even wireless devices are going to rely on some sort of cable as well, since they are going to need them to charge at the very least, not to mention there source tends to be something that is plugged in with a cable.  Even wireless devices have the option of using cables if needed, which tends to be very common with wireless internet as a lot of times cat5 cable is just superior to using wireless internet.  This is mainly because it is a reliable connection as well as just being much faster.

Cables most often get associated with computers, something which isn’t too surprising since computers are going to have so many cables associated with them.  Even just a very basic computer is still going to have a number of cables.  The keyboard and mouse are going to require cables, as well as the internet.  There are other devices that could be attached as well, such as a printer.

Cables aren’t always a necessity, and there are some that can actually enhance devices.  Computers for example can be greatly enhanced with HDMI cables.  These cables allow a computer to be connected to other types of media, so you could hook up your computer to a projector for displaying reports, or connect it to the television to serve as a better monitor.  It is hard to say which is the best HDMI cables since there are a number of them available and they’re really designed to fit situations as opposed to just naturally being better or worse in overall quality.